Musical Video


Description of a musical video identified by a unique video ISRC code, assigned by a National Agency affiliated to IFPI, like PPL in England or SCPP in France.
ATTENTION : the video ISRC is not the audio ISRC, which identify an audio file related to releases or tracks. In the API, audio ISRC belongs to the Recording object.

Example :
Gets the video with the Music Story ID 32.


Name Description Facultatively Type Restriction
id Id no int Unlimited
title Title no string Unlimited
duration Duration of the video no time Unlimited
isrc ISRC of the video no string Unlimited
in_ifpi True if the isrc is in national ISRC agencies databases no boolean Unlimited
update_date Last update no date Unlimited
creation_date Date of creation no date Unlimited


Name Description Returns
recordings Gets the recordings associated with the video A list of Recordings
vevo Gets the vevo link of the video A list of Vevo


Gets the audio recordings (recordings) associated with the musical video (video).
Recordings are identified by their own audio ISRC codes and allow to retrieve tracks and releases they are corresponding.

Example :
Gets the recordings associated to the video with Music Story ID 32.


Gets a Vevo link associated to a video

Example :
Gets the Vevo url of the video with Music Story ID 32.

music story

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