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Bandpage is a platform where an artist, or his/her management, can upload digital promo material like photos or biographies for digital music platforms. Bandpage artist's ID and links are available using the API. Biographies from Bandpage can be directly recovered through the API, from the Artist object and Biography connector.

Example :
Access to Band page object using Calvin Harris Bandpage ID (Band Id or BID)


Name Description Facultatively Type Restriction
id Bandpage ID no string Unlimited
url Url no string Unlimited
update_date Update date no date Unlimited
creation_date Creation date no date Unlimited


Name Description Returns
artist Get artist associated to Bandpage account A list of Artists


Retrieving artist data using the Bandpage ID.

Example :
Retrieve the Music Story artist data using a Bandpage ID (12354285627248640, Calvin Harris)

music story

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