Albums chart or Recordings chart


The "Chart" object is a ranking of albums or Recordings. It is identified by a source, a period and a name.
Note that this object can not be requested directly by its ID. It is used only through album/charts and recording/charts connectors to get rankings of these objects in the charts.

Please refer to the following connectors:


Name Description Restriction Pays
Snep Snep Retrouvez toutes les charts Snep Editorial France
Yacast Yacast Retrouvez toutes les charts Yacast Limite France


Name Description Facultatively Type Restriction
id Unique ID no int Unlimited
source Source (not used at the moment) no string Unlimited
start_date Begin of the chart period no date Unlimited
end_date End of the chart period no date Unlimited
name Name of chart no string Unlimited
count Number of items in the chart no string Unlimited
update_date Last update no date Unlimited
creation_date Date of creation no date Unlimited
music story

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