Picture, Cover or Photography


A picture, which can be an album cover, a photo of an artist, or an illustration of some news.

Example :
Gathers the picture with the ID 330


Name Description Facultatively Type Restriction
id Unique ID no bigint Unlimited
id_source ID from source no int Unlimited
source Source (not used at the moment) no "Music Story" Unlimited
width Width (pixels) no int Unlimited
height Height (pixels) no int Unlimited
url Music Story url of picture no string Unlimited
mime_type MIME type no string Unlimited
copyright Copyright no string Unlimited
licence Licence (not used at the moment) no string Unlimited
update_date Last update date no date Unlimited
creation_date Database entry date no date Unlimited


Name Description Returns
artist Artists on the picture A list of Artist
news News using the current picture as an illustration A list of News
releases Releases associated to a picture as a cover A list of Release


Gathers artist concerned by the current picture.

Added fields Description Facultatively Type Restriction
main If TRUE, picture is considered as the main picture of the artist no boolean Unlimited

Example :
Gets the artist represented by the picture with the ID 330


Gathers news having the current picture as an illustration.

Example :
Gathers the news illustrated by the picture with the ID 460041


Gathers releases having the current picture as a cover.

Example :
Gathers the album versions represented by the cover with the ID 4969313

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