The Indés Radios application retrieves its old good album covers with an API.

The Music Story API source of metadata for « Les Indés Radio » application.


Launched in October 2012 under the leadership of French radio executive Jean-Eric Valli, Les Indés Radio application provides a strong visibility to numerous independent radios in France. This application agregates more than 120 radio flows and identifies all broadcasted tunes.

Mobile users can listen live radios just selecting a title on a wall of covers. To date, the application has been downloaded over one million times. Find the application “The Indés Radio” here :

Today, Les Indés Radios can do better by improving quality of metadata using Music Story API. Avoiding heavy human tasks of correction and enrichment.

Music Story API metadatas allows Les Indés Radios to optimize albums identification, including a wall of original covers with purchase links. Music Story API metadatas will be far more exploited in the context of new features coming in 2014.

« The Music Story API is opening up many opportunities for musical applications developers »

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Further to the purchase of The Echo Nest by Spotify, Philippe Astor reviewed the new stakes of metadatas. Extract from the article « Musique en ligne, la guerre des métadonnées est déclarée », Electron Libre (Translated into English).

« By acquiring the American company The Echo Nest, Spotify redistributes the cards of music online market in metadatas and music recommendation field. These issues only known by some small restricted circles until now . »

About Music Story :

«… Music Story, a French start-up with it’s rich musical database having a strong editorial component developed over the years, decided to open access for applications developers via an API. Whether it is enrichment of radio playlists in real time on the web with all kinds of informations, or artists pages of a downloading platform, even to built a playlists converter between different streaming platforms, the API Music Story is opening up many opportunities for musical applications developers. »

About actors in the field of metadatas :

« The Echo Nest’s acquisition by Spotify underlines the importance of development of musical metadatas and recommendation systems for online music market and even more for musical streaming market. All success of Pandora interactive radio in United States was based on his excellent recommendation engine. This awareness was until now largely confined to small circles. French or European Start-ups working in this sector are moreover little supported by music industry as by government. To them both, a real industrial vision is certainly missing. Redistributing the cards on this ground, Spotify promises to promote its awakening. »

The radio can’t do without music metadata


Music Story was present at the last edition of the show Radio. A very dynamic show, which together over 4,000 people around important issues as the digitization of radio while in aspects of content production and financing.

It took place in a European context advanced on the new digital channels (RNT / ID / DAB +), it was able to perceive a real concern of enrichment metadata (such as RTL2 Interactive Timeline, out a week before the show).


Music Story asserts itself at the show, as a source of reference metadata, more and more used and available in multiple contexts (as in automation software Zenon).

The company has also demonstrated the possibilities offered by its API, integrating its data in the live video of the event, managed by the company Broadcast Associates (for each title issued, an incrustation on the live recording of the show radio tray, Cf. see pictures below)

Fabrice Gauthier, founder of Broadcast Partners, discusses the concept of radio-vision, which combines the image and audio:


Illustration of the use of metadata Music Story in live video:

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