New object : music video and its link to VEVO

A new video object allows now to retrieve metadata of a music video. Mainly its ISRC, duration and indicator of verification on official agencies websites (SCPP for France and PPL for the UK).


It comes with two quite useful connectors:
- The recording connector, linking a music video to its corresponding audio tracks, and vice versa. In other words giving video ISRC / audio ISRC links. A good solution for getting the official music video associated with a track, for example.
- The Vevo connector, linking a music video to its corresponding Vevo page.

The number of music video is available on our statistics page. 30,000 actually with more than 26,000 related Vevo links. Music videos objects will be now systematically associated to each new integrated track identified as a hit (see documentation of the Recording object).


Music recommendation – Streaming vs Medias – Radio 2.0. meeting – Paris October 2014

As part of the Radio 2.0 event in Paris, Music Story propounds an overview of music recommendation practices in streaming platforms area, and related issues. And in reaction some approaches of radios (in France) on digital music broadcast.